Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day with the family

The kids and I went to Denver today to celebrate Mother's Day with various family members, including my own adorable mom. My sister and her husband are big kids -- though they're sometimes disguised as an attorney and an architect -- and have every imaginable toy, including this insane surrey bike for eight!

Today also happened to be my brother's 40th birthday. My sisters filled bunches of balloons with helium and, instead of paying proper attention to the gift-opening thing, Andy inhaled helium and said funny things, which amused the actual children to no end.

Kisses to you, sweet family!


Crayons said...

Hi Marie,
Those photos are just stunning. Did you take them?

Thanks for the post on my blog. I noticed your previous post with the powerful graffiti on the "peace and quiet" billboard. Absolutely.

Marie said...

Yes, C, I took the pics of the kids. I am still using my little point-and-shoot Sony even though I have a new, allegedly fabulous, Nikon D40. I don't know how to use it! And no time to figure it out!

Thank you for the compliment ;-)