Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gangsta ballerina

I spent four glorious hours today at the Synergy Dance Academy recital. Seriously, you won't find me complaining about the long afternoon because the dancers, the costumes, the lighting, and the music were all spectacular. Really truly.

Devon was in a precious little ballet number called Belle -- bedecked in a neon pink tutu and gold-sequined tiara.

She was also in a hip-hop act called Carmen/Ching-a-ling. The remix combined music from the opera Carmen and some serious rap. It was way too cool!

So who is the real Devon? A delicate porcelain ballerina, or a hoodie-clad trash-talkin' hip-hoppin' gangsta?

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Crayons said...

Hi Marie,
I've been away from the Internet for a week or two, so I'm just now catching up.

I never had kids, so I can only imagine how magical it must be to see your life-and-blood growing into her strength and grace. How exciting. In your shoes, I probably would have teared up every few minutes. She looks like such a happy and kind person.