Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Jean Ciavonne Poetry Contest

When Devon and I realized that the contest deadline was upon us, she grabbed a pen and pad and ran off to write her poem. "The theme is music!" I yelled after her. Ten minutes later she handed me her finished product.

"Devon, come on. Don't you think you should spend a little more time on it?"

"Nope," she said, wearing her best how dare you question the artist? face.

We submitted it. And she won!

Music is My Heartbeat
by Devon

when I hear the beat

I get to my feet

'cause I just can't stop

the urge to hop

I got rhythm deep down inside

this is somethin' that I just can't hide

twistin' and turnin' on the dance floor

got to keep movin', I need more

music moves my soul

like jello in a bowl

music moves my spirit

everyone can hear it

my feet are skippin', barely touchin' the ground

my jivey jumps bring people around

they gather together to see my moves

they're all watchin' to see my grooves

music makes me feel so free

for music is a part of me


Jay said...

Never question the artist, indeed! She did extremely well, didn't she? Talented young lady! Congratulations!

laura lind said...

That's a lovely story and a fine poem.
Jean Ciavonne was my teacher in 1973 and encouraged my writing. I have been a journalist for 25 years now because of that boost she gave me so many years ago. I am glad her spirit lives on and she still has a role in supporting young writers.