Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekly appointment

time was almost up.

he said i have issues with emotional intimacy, i "skitter away" whenever we get close to the subject. no, no i don't....i am perfectly much as the situation will allow...maybe that's why i spent so many years in church i said, not thinking. he leaned forward in his chair...tell me about that he said. we looked at each other. i just mean...what did i mean...that there is a perfection that exists, a love, no not love it's different than that, like knowing....anyway, i said, when you have experienced it...mining syllables....then finding intimacy with another person is like chasing a shadow because there is no one that could ever...i guess

he said i understand and, yes, not many...but not none



Jacques Poirier said...

That is soooo beautiful!

suesun said...

Wow... that google ad search program must be incredibly fine-tuned to get "Sexy Arab Women" and "How to Save Your Marriage" out of that post. :-)

The13th said...

Most lovely. "Syllable mining" - poetry and poetry's definition - and only in two words. Nice!

(Google rolled up "How To Add a Map to Your Blog" on this post during my read. Maybe they use the Lucky 8 ball for their Rorschach in marketing. Tea leaves on Wall Street, hoorah!)