Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hiking Waldo Canyon, Colorado

Sometimes the only thing standing between me and complete despondency is the mountain.

My fellow bloggers have endless energy to tackle important issues -- homelessness, hunger, war, politics, environment, media, government, healthcare, torture, death. The list is depressing and endless. I admire them, but I am not made of steel like they are. I am more a fragile flower and, when buried under humanity's toxic waste and cut off from nature's largesse, I wither very quickly.

For me, the correlation between physical and mental energy is 1:1. So, rather than blog or read the Sunday paper today, I hiked Waldo Canyon!

A bit about the hike:
Heading west on Highway 24, you'll find the trailhead on the right side just past the Manitou Springs exit. The Waldo Canyon loop is seven miles of easy trekking and amazing views. The scenery, especially the view of Pikes Peak, is the best reason to do this hike. In my opinion, seven miles of easy hiking is about four miles too many. I like to earn my relaxation with a couple miles of sheer hellish exertion.

I suppose if I were a runner -- and there were quite a few of them beginning to train for the Pikes Peak Ascent -- I might feel differently. Nonetheless, the cool weather, beautiful vistas, and proximity to the serious runner crowd made for an excellent Sunday morning!

Please don't tell me what world news I've missed. Let me just enjoy my tired muscles and slightly sunburned shoulders until I've finished sorting my photos. The horrid world can wait for me today.


Crayons said...

Wonderful! The photos tell it all -- well, almost. I like the certainty in your voice. I like the last photo a lot.

Marie Walden said...

Thanks, Caroline. I'm glad you like my mountain warrior pose! Unfortunately, when I tried to do some other yoga poses, I ended up with sticks and needles and small rocks in all the wrong places.

Next time I'll bring a mat.

chanpheng said...

Beautiful photos. I miss hiking in the Sierras or Rocky mountains.