Friday, April 25, 2008

My reading place

Long creative bursts come from reading. Some of the most clever people are famous authors. When I let my mind go wild, my reading place has to be perfect. I love sitting in my mother's orange chair, as my classical music makes a rhythm for me. I absolutely love reading about all the exciting adventures of Harry Potter. Most people don't have a perfect reading spot. Luckily, I do.
by Ryan Walden, age 10

Curled up in a cozy chair with a warm blanket draped over my legs is the most enjoyable place to read. All I can see are the neatly printed little black letters on my page. The room is quiet except for the raindrops tip-tapping an unrecognized melody on the window and, if you're quiet enough, you can hear the big clock strike every minute. I rest my head on the chair and sink into it. After awhile my eyes flicker until I find myself asleep, with a book in my hands, and my glasses still balanced on my nose.
by Devon Walden, age 10


Whitney Johnson said...

Great post Marie. I love that you included your children in this post, sharing them with us, and validating them at the same time.

What a lovely memory!

My best,


Jay said...

Thank heavens. There IS a younger generation of articulate, thoughtful young people! It's reassuring, since so many seem able to communicate only in 'txtspk' and don't have much real thought in their heads!

Congratulations on two smashing kids!

Marie Walden said...

Thanks, Whitney and Jay! I do think they are pretty spectacular kids.

I had their teacher conferences this past week. With my older children I remember listening to the reports, brow furrowed, caring -- or pretending to care -- too much about their academic prowess. Now, as an older mom, I say, "Oh! How adorable!" and "Oh, wow. They are brilliant, aren't they?"

I also frequently get teary-eyed at the incredible cuteness of twins, the way they take care of each other and act like an old married couple. I've had a couple of teachers well up right along with me.

Sorry for the brag fest but, after 23 years of happy mothering, and a scant 8 years to the empty nest, unbridled joy and appreciation have become my prerogative!