Thursday, January 3, 2008

A message from Michael Moore

In judging the crop of presidential candidates, who has time to visit every political blog and read the hundreds of analyses put forth daily by credible opinionators? I become overloaded in election years trying divine truth from political rhetoric. Thus, I welcome help, in the form of intelligent research and analysis, when making my decision.
Who better than consummate bullshit sniffer Michael Moore to do the legwork for lazy disinterested voters like me?
I have to admit, that for purely shallow reasons, I might take an interest in politics were he elected.



Simon J. James said...

Hey, why not start an Election group on blog365?

Marie/Mango said...

Good idea. You or me?

Hey I was looking at your blogger profile. I am going to have to edit mine. A Prayer for Owen Meany is one of my all time fav books. And we share some favorite authors too.

I loved your blog, btw.

Lauri said...

Thanks for this link. Very interesting stuff.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the link. Truth is I'm a Kucinich idealist, but any of the top three would make me happy enough to dance in the street.

Marie Walden said...

Lisa, I'm with you on Kucinich. Too bad he is being squeezed out by the powers that be.