Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Daily Sham

I'm no Jon Stewart, but I think I could start a rival program. It might not be overly humorous, however. The Bush administration's assaults on constitutional protections and liberties seem to be happening on a daily basis.

Today according to Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States may soon name Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (RGC) a foreign terrorist group, said U.S. officials on Wednesday, reflecting frustration over Tehran's nuclear program and suspected role in Iraqi violence. (Pardon me while I puke).

The designation would be the first time the United States has placed the armed forces of any sovereign government on its list of terrorist organizations and enables Washington to target the Iranian group's finances. (Wow....crazy times, crazy times).

I'm not even going to bother with any sort of comprehensive analysis. Here is the bottom line. The U.S. is making an official state military unit indistinguishable from a terrorist organization. Paving the path, illuminated by the Patriot Act, for war with Iran. By taking the RGC from under the banner of a sovereign government and calling it a terrorist organization, Bush may legally bypass congressional approval and do whatever he'd like with the power granted to him in the post-9/11 hysteria, via the aforementioned Act.

Here's how I see it playing out. Bush will order air strikes in the near future against Iran to curtail their (now nonexistent but apparently very dangerous) nuclear build up, using the unilateral power granted to him under the never-read Patriot Act. This will, of course, incense Iran and her inhabitants. Iranian terrorist organizations, or maybe Al Qaeda, will retaliate with a strike on U.S. soil (with our help, of course). This will happen, conveniently, shortly before the November elections allowing King George to declare a "national catastrophe" which will crown him Unitary Executive. He will hold all decision-making power. And he will suspend the 2008 election for the security of the nation.

Place your bets.

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Ranzige Bunzing said...

Yeah, you're right. Wacky George will probably make the CIA find some non-existing link between Al-Queda and Iran. You can understand Iran is eager to join the SCO. With their stoopid action the USA government is throwing us back 50 years to the cold war again.
And sadly my government is a lapdog for yours, so we will suffer as well.
Take care, one day sanity must prevail... ?