Friday, July 4, 2008

What's a mother to do?

Should I freak out and make her remove it?
Should I breathe a sigh of relief that it's not bigger or more sinister?
Should I help her hide it from father?
Should I wonder....why PacMan?

I think I'll celebrate the hilarious weirdness of it all, and hope that it complements her wedding dress.

TODAY. Wave the flag, wear a lapel pin, avoid DUI checkpoints and, most of all, try not to think. Embrace. Appreciate. Exist.



Jay said...

Ha! Well, it all depends on how old she is. If she's above the age of consent, nothing you CAN do, if not, I guess it depends on how old she is and what style of parenting you favour. I'd be inclined to take in my stride ... although yeah, I might wonder 'why Pacman?' LOL!

lisaschaos said...

Very cute at least. :) My 18 yr old son just got a statue of liberty that goes from his wrist to his elbow! Uggh!

Jacques Poirier said...

Good one, the PacMan in attack mode against the notorious 'Blinky'. Nothing frivolous here. This is the big mamma of our culture, a positive representation of the first phase of the attack/flee ajustment capacity of our million year old lower brain. That kid will succeed!

Marie Walden said...

Jacques, I posted your comment on my daughter's Facebook wall. She was thrilled that someone understood the esoteric point she was trying to make with her tattoo!