Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oaksterdam University

California is one of 12 states wherein the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal. But what happens when a cannabis patient applies for a job that requires a drug test? Surely an employer must overlook the level of THC in the blood of a legal pot user? Not so. California courts have ruled that employers are allowed to discriminate against legal stoners — something about federal law trumping state law. Jefferson must be turning over in his grave.

Even the law-abiding growers face unrelenting hassles from overzealous and holier-than-thou law enforcement officers. In our own state, where cultivating medicinal marijuana is legal, cops recently raided the home of a couple of medical providers, arrested them, and confiscated their inventory. Of course, once they’d shown their permit, the offenders were released. The plants, when they were finally returned, were dead on arrival. The couple asked for remuneration for their inventory and lost wages which was, not surprisingly, denied. Apparently the cops have no duty to take due care of personal property seized from law-abiding individuals.

In Oakland, California, a new university has been founded to help cannabis providers understand their legal rights, grow and distribute marijuana responsibly, and even prescribe different pot strains for specific maladies. The school is called Oaksterdam University, which I think is funny as hell. The following is one of the University’s course descriptions:

Budtending 101
Bartending for the cannabis industry. Train how to effectively and responsibly dispense cannabis to patients and consumers. Separate yourself from the other applicants for jobs at dispensaries. Learn about the different medical strains and their differing effects, and which strains are best for various medical conditions. Hear from a cannabis doctor regarding ethical and emerging political issues. Get information and details about the latest clinical studies.

Another course, one that is particularly relevant to all of us living in a police state, is Legal Issues 102:

Practice protecting yourself during police encounters. This course is a role-playing workshop that simulates encounters with law enforcement. Students will develop the knowledge learned in Politics/Legal Issues 101 through classroom practice asserting their rights in a police encounter. Examples and specific wording will be taught from instructors and students will be asked to participate in role-plays to solidify the knowledge. Most people give up their constitutional rights during encounters with law enforcement. These mistakes are avoidable, and this course should be a must for anyone working in the cannabis industry.

More information, as well as other course descriptions and an application for admission, can be found at OUs website.



T.R. said...

Like the tune goes: I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love! Where have you been all my life? This is the blog of all blogs; you are the writer of all writers. You walk the walk and talk the talk and inspire me at every turn. I have already dedicated an entire afternoon to your blog and am ready to sign up for life!!! I am off to spread the news.....

Marie Walden said...

T.R., thanks! I love you, too. I spent the better part of the afternoon reading From the Faraway, Nearby and following your links to other great sites.

I am elated when I find a treasure trove of blogospherial largesse!

Jay said...

Good grief, it makes you wonder, does it not? WHERE are the brains of the legislators and enforcers?

Good post. Funny and salient and thought-provoking. In the words of Arnie 'I'll be back'.

Tis sadly true that a good blog is hard to find among the dross.