Friday, November 24, 2006

Bozo the Clown

I don't know what it is. I truly don't. I've been asked many times and I am unable to give a proper defense.

There is something about Bozo the Clown that makes me scream "TAKE ME!"


Anonymous said...

Is that your former resident bachelor? I bet you did "take" him. For a ride that is, a ride of a lifetime. One where there is no return.

Marie Walden said...

My resident bachelor (and, yes, you could be right about the no return thing) does not wear makeup and wouldn't be caught dead in such an outfit.

I think I am obsessed with clowns because their apparent playfulness seems always to be accompanied by a sinister undertone. When you look at that picture of Bozo, can't you just see the smoldering lust in his eyes?

Clowns are paradoxical. And I love a good paradox.

See another creepy clown on my Privacy Freak post. The juxtaposition of a clown and a symbol of our servitude to the evil government gives me nightmares.